Wednesday, August 19, 2015

This Sydney Striders Juniors Blog contains 75 posts spanning 2012 to 2015. We have decided to stop posting here now, as the photos and posts are all appearing in our closed face book group. This blog is useful to look at if you are considering joining Sydney Striders Juniors, as it gives a good idea of what we get up to. It contains some lovely photos too, and is an enjoyable trip down Memory Lane for Juniors past and present.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Miranda Cross Country Relay

Miranda Cross Country Relay, 31st May

The Miranda event was Junior Striders 9th NSW Cross Country Relay Championships and it was an outstanding day for weather, participation numbers and fun. There were 52 juniors who ran in 14 relay teams (A and B), with great results for a number of our relay teams.

For the final medal count: there was gold to the under 18 boys; 4 silvers to the under 12 girls, under 16 boys, under 16 girls and under 20 boys; and 2 bronzes to the under 12 boys and under 14 girls.  

Some anxious moments at the start of U12 and U14 relay, where individual team members run the 2km course then tap off to their next team member, who takes off for the next chase down! 

U12 & U14 start

Ingrid Kingsmill in strong form for U12

Hamish Longworth

A pink socked Nicola Hogg lead the 'A' team to bronze Medal.  Rafi Gordon in U12 boys with a strong performance achieving bronze for the team. 

Nicola Hogg, Rafi Gordon

Ingrid Kingsmill tapping off to Alexandra Sinclair

Grace Fisher showing some determination in U12 girls

Great excitement during the hand-overs with team members on hand cheering each other on.
U14 boys: Hayden Blaskett, Jack Stokeld, Benjamin Wilson

U12 Boys Bronze: Rafi Gordon, Jenson McIntosh, Matthew Hogg, Cam Gorman
 The extra km' was no deterent for our older teams with a number of medal placings for the team.

U16 Boys Silver: Max Mahon, Daniel Rasmussen , Tom Davies, Liam Gorman

Keiran Tall, Astrid Kingsmill

U16 Girls Silver: Sophie Gocher, Astrid Kingsmill (far right)
 True to form the U16, U18 and U20 boys had a strong position from the position with Luke, Josh and Max taking the first leg for their teams.  It was nice to see Josh Philips channelling some of the great Junior athletes past with his 'retro' striders shorts for the relay.

Luke Simpson(U20), Max Mahon (U16), Josh Philips (U18)

And it was gold to the U18 boys!!
U18 Boys Gold: Josh Philips, Harlan Mulherin, Jack Mills, Keiran Tall

Harlan Mulherin, Daniel Franken

David Gardiner, Keiran Tall

U20 Boys Silver: Adam Halmy, Daniel Franken, David Gardener, Luke Simpson

Mystery Junior Striders Competitor?

Yet again another great day for the Junior Striders and while there were many team medals, the winner on the day was the opportunity to run as a team, and focus on supporting each other regardless of final position.

Go Striders!

Hannah Lovlin, Emma Kirkland, Emma O'Reilly, Evita Dickson

Monday, May 25, 2015

NSW Road Running Championships, 2nd May 2015

NSW Road Running Championships,  Sydney Olympic Park

2nd May 2015

It was great turnout at the NSW Road Running Championships with 44 Junior Striders racing in a variety of 10km, 5km and 2.5km events.  On a day that threatened a repeat of previous events with wind and rain, it ended up being great running weather for the athletes.

It ended up being a very successful day for the Junior Striders, with a record number of individual medalists and team medals.

The day started off with the older athletes putting in a great performance for the 10km road race around the streets of Homebush.  A killer incline, made people work for the final and satisfying run into the Athletics stadium.

David Gardiner in the 10km

Becky Rogers at the half way mark of the 10km

Adam Halmy in the 10km

 Next to go was the under 16 and under 18, 5km run.  Striders runners very focused at the start line and taking that determination all the way to a great result at the end.

Focus from Josh Phillips and Keiran Tall at the start of the 5km

Bryn Lynch, Max Mahon and Luke Gorman at the start of the 5km

Off to a fast start in 5km with Josh Phillips and Keiren Tall

 Showing great commitment to the Striders some runners ran up from their age group, showing equal determination for a great team result.

Picture of absolute determination from Emma Mahon in the 5km

Keiren Tall takes overall bronze in the 5km

There was a strong Striders contingent in the U12 and U14's 2.5 race.  It was off to a very fast start, with a lot of Striders green and white on show.  

Great number of green and white Junior Striders in the 2.5km

Jack Coates and Keiren Gorman

Jessica Gocher and Emma Kirkland

Dan Cooper and Raffi Gordon

Jack Coates with a bronze medal in 2.5km

Nicola Hogg won bronze in 2.5km

Great team for the Junior Striders with great personal bests and team results.

Individual medalists:
Kieran Tall – 1st Under 18 Boy’s 5k.
Josh Phillips – 3rd Under 18 Boys 5k...
Nicola Hogg – 2nd Under 14 Girls 2.5k
Jack Coates – 3rd Under 14 Boys 2.5k
Jessica Gocher – 3rd Under 12 Girls 2,5k
Rafi Gordon – 3rd Under 12 Boys 2.5k

Team medals:
1st Under 20 Boys 10k
2nd Under 18 Boys 5k
3rd Under 18 Girls 5k
2nd Under 16 Boys 5k
2nd Under 16 Girls 5k
2nd Under 14 Boys 2.5k
2nd Under 14 Girls 2.5k
3rd Under 12 Boys 2.5k
2nd Under 12 Girls 2.5k

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Lindfield Fun Run, 19th April

On a perfect Sydney Autumn day, it was on again for the Junior Striders at the Lindfield Rotary 5km Fun Run.  

At some stages it looked like another Striders training session with the men's 5km being a 1st, 2nd and 3rd for the Junior Striders.  

It was a terrific turnout from the Junior athletes with everyone putting an outstanding performance. 

Start of the 5km race

And they're off.. alot of green and white at the start!

In what was close a regular training session, they boys took out a very strong lead and held it to the finish.  Keiren Tall 1st, Harlan Mulherin 2nd and David Gardiner 3rd.  Max Mahon was 6th, but 1st overall in his age group. 

L - R David Gardiner, Max Mahon, Harlan Mulherin, Keiren Tall

It was an outstanding run from Emma Mahon who was 17th overall and the second female to cross the line.  

Another great day for the Junior Striders.

Scarborough Park Run, 18th April

Junior Striders were off to a fantastic start for the first official Cross Country race of the season.

Fantastic turnout from the junior athletes, and still with determined, but happy smiling faces!

We think 2015 will be a great season for the Striders.

Cam Gorman and Rafi Gordon off to a great start of 2km U12's

Cam Gorman taking control
Jess Gocher showing some fantastic style

Fantastic Junior Striders still managing a smile after the first race of the seaon

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Junior Nationals - SOPAC

The Australian Junior Championships were held over a 5 day period from 11th to 15th of March.

What started off as pretty dreadful weather for our Junior Athletes, turned into a great event all round.

13 Junior Striders competed and 4 individual medals were won.  Josh Phillips won gold in U17 boys' 2k steeplechase and U17 boys'1500m;

Josh Phillips U17 Boys

Josh Phillips, U17 Boys

Tessa Constantine U17 Girls
Hayden Blaskett won a silver  in the U14 boys 3k walk where his time beat the old meet record.
Hayden Blaskett U14 boys

Bryn Lynch ran a great race to take away a bronze in the U16 boys 1500.

Bryn Lynch U16 Boys

Along with the individual medal wins, other outstanding results from all athletes were:

Tessa Constantine 4th in the U17 girls 400 hurdles final

Edita Grinbergs 6th in the U15 girls 400 and 4th in the 800

Edita Grinbergs U15 Girls

Sophie Wickham 5th in U15 girls 400 final and Sophie Gocher, 15th in U15 girls 3k and 6th in the 2k steeplechase final.

Sophie Gocher U15 Girls

Adam Halmy came 9th in the U20 boys 3k steeplechase final, setting a  new club record with a time of 10.24.34.

Luke Gorman, ran in 13th in the U18 boys 2k steeplechase final.

Luke Gorman U18 Boys

Jack Mills came 5th in the U18 boys 800m final, setting a new 800m club record running 1.57.79 in the heats.

Liam Gorman 4th and Max Mahon 20th in the U16 boys 2k steeplechase final

Tom Davies came 11th in the U15 boys 3k final.

Tom Davies U15 Boys

Finally, rookie of the Championships Jack Coates, came 6th in U14 boys 800 final, running a 4 second PB in his heat, in 2.14.47

Jack Coates U14 boys

Great result and team spirit from everyone who was at the event, and a highlight no doubt being a couple of photo opps with the hero 'Rudisha'.

Look out 2016!