Monday, March 26, 2012

Lindfield Fun Run 5K and 10K this Sunday April 1st. 2012

A good time was had by all at the sunny Lindfield fun run I think. The results are up ontheir website. Juniors numbers were low this year - just seven of you: Gus, Kyle, Fraser, Hannah Gibson, Tessa, Beth and Leila. However, we had the Striders tent up near the finish, so that attracted all the senior Striders like a magnet giving us the lively group we've come to expect at this race There is lots of choccy mud cake left over, so you'll get a piece of that if you are at the mile handicap this evening - 6pm. for warm up at Narabeen track.

Here are some key rseults,(for parents of juniors too):


Hannah Gibson was 2nd lady in 41:08 and 1st in her age group, 2nd to Anna Fitzgerald, a senior Strider. Brilliant result!!!

Gus Wong 41:08 3rd in age group. He missed the start by a minute - those who know him will guess why.
Tony Wong 44:22

Fraser McKinlay 47:07
Fiona McKinlay 50:26

John Bowe (Leila's dad) 42:11


Caroline Yarnell 23:20 1st in agegroup

Tessa Constantine 23:37

Leila Bowe 25:47

Beth Murray 28:02

Kyle Wong (walker) 52:49

This race has become a bit of a tradition with Strider Juniors. Here we were in 2010.......

and in 2011.....

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