Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Summer Athletics season with Junior Striders

Nov 3rd 2012 Club Premiership at Narabeen and Campbelltown.

It being close to home, I popped along to Narabeen to watch and ensure a 100m relay happened (having run the Striders 10K at Lane Cove in the morning, as did Hannah Gibson and Emma McGlinn). In the 100m Bethany ran 13:90, Ben Carter 14:30 and brother Tom 13:09. In the 400m, Tessa ran 1:03:78, Ben C. 1:02:24, Tom C. 58:82 and Gabe Corke a blistering 52:78. In the 1500m Amelia ran 5:14, Bethany 5:26, Joe Burgess 4:24 and Jason (the older bloke in the relay) ran 4:40. I don't think any juniors went to Campbelltown. So.... well done one and all!

Joe Burgess, Jason McIntosh, Gabe Corke and Tom Carter before the 100m relay
Again, we managed a 100m relay, this time with senior Strider Jason McIntosh joining in. So, who has been in both relays so far? We came last again, but this could be something to do with how Tom had been plucked from volunteering in the canteen, where he had just consumed a few lardy sandwiches. Gabe had been off sick in the week, had vomitted after his 400m race, and just went off for another quick vomit before the start of the relay. Jason had an injury of some sort. Only Joe was on form ....

October27th 2012 Club Premiership at Bankstown and Illawong.

It was lovely to have enough juniors at Bankstown to run a 100m relay, with Joe Burgess making his debut as a Sydney Strider. We had a bit of baton trouble (dropping it), so came last, but ran very well. Bethany did the 60m, the 200m, the 800m (2:22) and her first ever 2K steeplechase. Her brother Adam did his first steeplechase too - this is becoming the Striders flagship event. I also ran it, as did Hannah Gibson with a PB of 7:08. Joe became the junior club's fastest 800m runner to date with a time of 2:03:44. Tessa Constantine went all the way to Illawong and ran 2:31 in the 800m and 1:15 in the 400m hurdles. Great work Striders!!!!!!!  Next Saturday pm. you can race at Narabeen and Campbelltown.

Adam Halmy, Bethany Halmy, Hannah Gibson and Joe Burgess before their 100m relay

Hannah Gibson runs 7:08 in the 2K Steeplechase
Caroline, the Fat Controller, wasting too much energy clearing the steeple by at least a foot.
Thye old and young face the challenge of the water jump together!!

Bethany on leg 1 hands over to brother Adam for leg 2. As you can see, Striders are doing well at this point!


Kombat All Schools state championships were held over the 4 day period 11 - 14 Oct.

Although this is a schools event and not a Junior Striders event, athletes can choose to wear their Striders top instead of their school top. We are delighted when they do this - it shows great club loyalty!  Email in your picture: a picture speaks 1000 words

Hannah Gibson wins the girls 16 years Steeplechase at All schools!
State champion!!!!!!
Daniel Francken runs 4:15 in the 1500m 15 years boys

Ben Jagger striding out in the 3K race

Ben Carter in flight. 2nd in the 12 years boys 80m hurdles.

Ben on the podium with his silver state medal.

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