Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Sydney Striders Awards 'do' on May 10th 2013

Juniors have their own awards party in September, but the two most prestigious awards of all,  Winter athlete of the year and Summer athlete of the year, are presented in front of the whole club at their awards event in May. Recipients get a perpetual trophy to keep for a year and a small trophy to keep forever. The trophies are presented by the guest speaker - in this case Olympic marathon runner Lisa Weightman :)

This year, as always, we had a juniors table. Caroline and Tony were there to talk about the winners, Josh Phillips's whole family were there to see him get his 2012 Winter athlete of the year award, Hannah Gibson's mum came along with Hannah to see her get the 2012 / 2013 Summer athlete of the year award, and rising star and sociable Strider Tessa Constantine came along with her dad. A gtreat time was had by all, as you can see from the photos below.
What a glamorous table!, from left: Josh, Caroline, Tony, Greg, Tessa, Hannah, Dzung, Wally and Rietta.
Caroline and Tony looking very happy indeed.
Tessa, Hannah, Lisa Weightman and Josh

Caroline sings Josh Phillips's praises

Josh makes a very good acceptance speech

Josh and Lisa
Hannah makes her acceptance speech - telling everyone what fun training was :)

Hannah with Lisa and her trophies.

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  1. Josh and Hannah made very nice speeches and the club were very impressed with them. We will almost certainly present more juniors awards at this event next year, as the club has grown so much and there is a lot worthy of reward.