Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sydney Striders Juniors Party Extravaganza! Sept 7th 2013

What a wonderful party! We always have good parties, but this one has to be up there with the best. We had a great venue (The Hogg's house), fantastic sunny weather, good food and lots of entertainment, competitions and, of course prizes!! 

Entertainment: Rachel Underwood came along to teach everyone exercises to prevent injuries using thera bands and foam rollers, there was an ongoing slide show with music, heated pool, table tennis, football game, gorgeous singing from Jemima Davies and Nicola Hogg, election special comedy from Gus Wong, Kyle Wong and mum (playing the old peasant woman), and a celebrity interview with Josh Phillips.

Competition: a keenly fought trivia competition won by our intellectual giants - the girls only team, which beat the boys and the parents. We also had a hula hooping contest won by Jemima Davies, with Emily Gocher second. The party finished with pinata bashing.

Prizes: Trophies for the teams which made the top 3 in the state in the ANSW winter season, Breakthrough trophies, club record certificates, choccy prizes for all activities, an hour's massage, an hour of bio-mechanical gait analysis and spot prizes GALORE.

Some of the trophies glistening in the sunlight
Tony Wong giving out the 
breakthrough awards and
club record certificates
Tessa Constantine receives her breakthrough award for the 400m hurdles
Samuel Greenland, Benji Wilson, Tom Stockeld and Lachlan Francis - the under 12 boys team, get trophies for coming 2nd in the winter premiership.
Ben Sinclair and Wally Phillips - top helpers, as identified by the juniors themselves.
The under 12 girls celebrating in the pool - Alexandra Sincliar, Emma Kirkland, Jemima Davies, Nicola Hogg, Emily Gocher and Ciara Sinclair.
Caroline Yarnell conducts the celebrity interview with Josh Phillips
Kyle Wong, Gus Wong and Caroline Yarnell in a Monty Python skit - the election day special. Kyle followed this with a solo performance from 'The dictater'.

Fraser McKinlay, Josh Phillips, Lachlan Cooper, Jack Mills and Dan Cooper drag themselves from the pool to watch the performances.
Kyle Wong - 'Where can a young couple go, hungry and in search of a frog and peach?'
Jemima Davies and Nicola Hogg singing Price Tag beautifully and word perfect

Some of the crowd watching the interview and performances
Tony Wong organises the hula hoop contest
Tom Davies hulas
Jemima Davies hulas
Pinata bashing.
A bit of bonding amongst the under 18s - Joe Burgess and Gus Wong versus Hannah Gibson and Bethany Halmy
Age groups mingle :) Daniel Francken and Paul Loader take on Tom Davies and Lachlan Francis

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