Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Christmas mile handicap Monday 23rd November 2013

Nineteen ran in the Christmas mile handicap, which may not sound like many, but it was a rainy night and thunderstorms were possible. Thanks to excellent helpers Wally Phillips, Anne Gardiner and Greg Constantine. Alexander Sinclair aged 8 won - improving by 1:23. Other than Alexander, 5 improved and won prizes. Josh Phillips and Lachlan Cooper both improved and ran the exact same time of 4:40, smashing the course record held jointly by Taiki Nakaya and Luke Gorman of 4:47. Tessa won best dressed, and you can see why in the pictures below.

Alexander Sinclair, handicap winner, with Christmassey Caroline

'The Boys' with their famous she collections. Liam Gorman, Josh Phillips, Harlen Mulherin, Dan Cooper, Lachlan Cooper, Jack Mills and Will Law. Josh and Locky are the record breakers.

Tessa Constantine - best dressed, with last year's winner Ciara Sinclair

All those who dressed up - even a little bit. At the back, Tessa Constantine and Caroline. At the front Ciara Sinclair and Torren Mulherin



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