Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Australian Cross Country Championships 2012

The full results for the Australian Cross Country Championships 2012 can be found at:


Interestingly, just as for the summer 2012 National Athletics Championships in March (see March 18th post), we had 7 juniors from our club representing NSW. This time the lucky and talented 7 were: Edita Grinbergs, Daniel Cooper, Lachlan Cooper, Josh Phillips, Daniel Francken, Hannah Gibson and Bethany Halmy.

By all reports conditions were pretty bad with thick mud 4 inches deep by the time the older age groups ran. Our juniors were among the lucky ones who did not lose their shoes. Unfortunately Edita's sprained ankle flared up again half way through her race and she was a DNF. The other 6 all came about half way up the field and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, soaking up the atmosphere and talking to top runners from other states. Daniel Cooper was part of the winning NSW team in his race.

We await photos of Edita and Daniel Francken.

The scene at the start above. The 10 boys finish below.


Left - right: Josh Phillips, Dniel Cooper, Lachlan Cooper, Hannah Gibson and Bethany Halmy
with support crew families behind.

Josh Phillips and Lachlan Cooper in their limited edition
Striders National Cross Country running tops.

Post race muddiness! Daniel Cooper aged 10

A girl we don't know, Bethany Halmy and Hannah Gibson - post race.

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