Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sydney Striders Juniors Annual Awards Party Extravaganza - 1st Sept. in Blaxland, and Nepean River 6.7K handicap on Fathers Day

Keith Batemen keeps everyone captivated - they lined the decks......

Mr. G, Daniel Francken, Jemima Herig-Parsons and Hannah Gibson
are first in to get their just desserts
The party was fabulous! Celebrating topping the state in the Athletics New South Wales Winter Season. We had speeches and presents from Brian Ogilwey and Keith Bateman, prize-giving of trophies and Zip fitness gym memberships (see link on the right) amongst many other things for all our many top achievers. Paul Loader and Tessa Constantine were declared our most sociable Striders, Hannah Gibson won Guess the Baby and David Gardiner, Adam Halmy and Declan King-Smith were the trivia champions. We had party pieces from Tom Davies - skipping, Gus and Kyle Wong - comedy: 'fatal beating' and 'dead parrot' and Paul Loader playing guitar and singing. The dessert table was fit for a cruise ship and the pinata was stuffed to bursting. We will try to get more photos from the party up on the blog, but they are all VERY large, so it would be better for now if you have a look on facebook via the link below...........


The day after the party - Fathers' Day, we held the 2nd Nepean River handicap along a very scenic 6.7K route. Brian Ogliwey, Striders VP,  was on hand to present prizes. Tony Wong did the timing and calculations and Melinda Vernon and Steven Francken marshaled. The handicap was won by Ben Jagger, with Paul Loader 2nd. Daniel Francken was fastest runner on the day and mum Caroline Yarnell was first across the line as a visiting scratch runner.

Ben receives his trophy from Brian, Striders VP.

Caroline Yarnell is no. 1 mum and first across the line!

A tired old joke now, but once again, Ben Jagger shows his moves!

Daniel Francken posts the fastest time, as a scratch runner

Gus Wong chuggs along - that rhymes.

Jess Vernon also improved her time

Paul Loader bites his choccy medal for coming 2nd.

Paul in the race


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