Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Handicaps 2012

Striders Juniors like to reward those that improve, so we have handicap races three times a year: the Easter Bunny races, the winter races and the Christmas races. We do a mile race on the track, a 5K race from Shelly Beach and a 6.7K race at the Nepean River. All three of our Christmas handicaps this year had quite low attendance, as we held them quite close to Christmas itself, so we will hold them earlier next year. Still ...... there were more prizes for everyone that was there! I only have photos from the mile at the moment, which was held on Xmas Eve!

The Nepean River handicap was won by Daniel Francken, who ran the 6.7K in a time of 22:37 and improved by 2 mins. and 36 seconds. The 5K handicap was won by Josh Phillips in 19:32 with an improvement of 12 seconds. The 1 mile handicap was won by 10 year old Samuel Greenland in a time of 6:12 seconds - an improvement of 4 seconds. Tessa Constantine won best dressed Christmas Strider again (see below)!! The mile was held at Passmore Reserve this time, as the track was shut on Xmas Eve.

Samuel wins, ahead of his dad Simon. Next we see Tessa and then Josh Phillips. Greg and Wally are timing.

Tessa unchallenged as best dressed. She didn't run in the booties.

Gus at his first Striders session for quite a while.

Samuel with his spolis. He also won the winter mile handicap!

Tessa the Elf sprinting home, followed by Josh and Caroline (me)

There's Caroline finishing, ahead of Gus Wong - both of us have been out of action and certainly didn't improve.

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