Saturday, December 8, 2012

Daniel and Hannah both come 3rd at Schools Nationals in Tasmania

Here are some great pictures of Daniel Francken and Hannah Gibson. Daniel Francken, aged 15,  was 3rd in the under 16 boys 3K with a time of 8:55. We are very proud of him! Hannah, aged 16, was 3rd in the 17-18 girls 2K steeplechase with a time of 6:53, and 6th in the 3K with 10:17 - and she makes it al look so effortless.

Daniel is 3rd from left. What a nice setting for a running track.

What style! Look at that stride length! Is that Hannah watching to the left, or a look alike?

Daniel with the group.
Hannah looking very happy with her steeplechase medal.

Daniel on the right. This is what Nationals medals look like.

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