Thursday, April 4, 2013

Calendar of Events for the 2013 winter season

Here is a list of some of the things you can do with Sydney Striders Juniors this 2013 winter season.
Striders ‘in house’ events are in green – they are only for Striders members. To join Striders go to Family memberships are also available. For full information on the 10Ks go to
 Athletics New South Wales (ANSW) events are in blue. You need to be a Striders member AND registered with ANSW. We would like you to do as many of these as possible! If you have been doing little athletics, you can register for free as a dual athlete. Otherwise, junior or senior, just register at the ANSW website and then phone ANSW on 9746 1122 to chivvy them along if you don’t get your cloth numbers within a few days. You can claim this registration money back at the end of the season if you run at least 3 races for Striders. Let us know when you have your cloth numbers please!
West Met, see their schedule of Sat. pm .races (you must be a Strider and registered with ANSW as above):
Fun Runs etc. are in red. Anyone can do these - you do not need to be a Striders member.


Mon. 25th 6pm. Narabeen track. Easter Bunny Handicap Mile race – green eggs for all!

Thurs. 28th 6pm. 5K Easter Bunny Handicap race 6:00pm. from Shelly Beach, Manly. Green eggs again!


Sat. 6th Lane Cove10K for Juniors who are at least turning 15 in 2013

Sun 7th The Lindfield Fun Run 5K and 10K. We will be there en masse and have the Striders tent. Meet for a warm up first if you so wish.

Sat. 27th Lane Cove handicap 10K for Juniors who are at least turning 15 in 2013


Sat. 4th Sydney 10 and state road race championships. 2.5K for u12 and 14s, 5K for the rest.  Enter at NOW and tell us you have entered! This is an individual AND team event all at the same time, so we need everybody out.

Sun 12th – Mothers Day Classic at the Domain and at Paramatta. 4K and 8K Also sand races up to 2K at North Steyne, Manly.

May 10th Senior Striders awards ‘do’ Darling Harbour, above the Imax cinema. We have a juniors table and the 2 BIG awards for juniors are presented at this event – winter and summer athletes of the year. The event is heavily subsidized at $50 per head, including dinner, a great speaker and lots of spot prizes, so do think about coming along even if you don’t think you’re up for an award!
Sun. 19th May Manly Scenic Fun Run 2K, 5K and 10K. Same day as the SHM.


Sat. 1st Striders 10K for Juniors who are at least turning 15 in 2013

Sat 1st June 2013  NSW Cross Country Relay Championships – everyone’s favourite! If there is any doubt about team selection, it will be based on results from the road race championships. The club pays for relay entry, so you just need to let us know you are going to run – then you will be assigned to a team. Only death is then an excuse for not showing up and letting your team down!

TBA Manly Soft Sand Classic 1.6k and 9K.

 Sun 16th Minimosmarathon 2K, 5K and 10K races.

Sat 22 June 2013 NSW Cross Country Championships in Nowra. This is about 3 hours away, but there are scenic lookouts on the way. It is well worth making the trip and you are very much needed whatever your level of ability.


Sat. 6th Striders 10K for Juniors who are at least turning 15 in 2013

Sat 13 July 2013 NSW Road Relay Championships – the club pays for your entry in these.


Sat. 3rd Striders 10K for Juniors who are at least turning 15 in 2013

Sat 3rd August 2013  NSW Short Course Championships – all hands on deck.

Sun. 11th City to Surf 14K. Striders usually have a meeting place with breakfast, as after the 10Ks. There are Striders teams you can enter.

Sun. 25th Pub 2 Pub 14K.

Mon. TBA one mile End of Winter Handicap race 6:00pm. at Narabeen track

Thurs. TBA 5K End of Winter Handicap race 6:00pm. from Shelly Beach, Manly.


Sat. 7th Striders 10K for Juniors who are at least turning 15 in 2013

Sat. 1st or Sat. 8th Striders Juniors awards party, 1.00pm. Mosman (TBA).


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