Sunday, April 21, 2013

Promising Kick off to the Winter Season at Scarborough Park on 20th April

It was a typical day for cross country if you lived in the UK - rainy, windy, cold. So, it is not surprising that junior Strider numbers were lower than usual for the novice cross country championships at Scarborough Park, Ramsgate on Sat. 20th April. However, what we lacked in quantity we certainly made up for in quality twentyfold!

Below is the link to the full set of over 700 photos taken by St. George - there are plenty of all Striders who raced there - some very good ones. Full results are on their website too.
We also have some of our own photos of just us - see below....

The 2K was first up, and in that Tom Davies was 1st in the under 12 boys in 7:15, with Daniel Cooper 3rd. Ewan Shingler and Benji Wilson also ran well. Tom and Emma Kirkland were running well before mishaps on the muddy, slippery course.

Tom Davies, 1st under 12, records his result, with Daniel Cooper coming in 3rd. Striders dominated!
Here are Tom and Daniel receiving their medals in the rain!
Next up was the 4K, of which I have no photos at this moment. Also, I am not sure where the results are. They are not on the ANSW website. I know Daniel Francken  was first junior home in apx. 13 mins. with Josh Phillips, Lachlan Cooper, Adam Halmy, Fraser McKinlay, Ben Jagger, Gus Wong, Jayden Wilson and dad Michael Halmy in hot pursuit!

Next we had the 10K invitation race, which Melinda Vernon, sister of Jess Vernon, won! Andrew Wilson also ran in this, putting in his usual sterling performance.

Then we had the state women's 7K. In this we had running Hannah Gibson, who came second overall, Bethany Halmy, Caroline Yarnell, Kim Wilson (Benji and Aiden's mum) and Jai from Senior Striders. This was a great team effort, with Juniors, mums and members of the Senior club :) Results are to be found at under results 2013.

The scene at the start of the 7K
Left to right: Kim Wilson, Bethany Halmy, Hannah Gibson, Caroline Yarnell and Jai




Hannah Gibson 2nd in the 7K in 26:55

Finally we had the novice 10K. Paul Loader was our only Junior in this, running 38 mins. and 5th Strider home overall - just missing out on a place in the gold medal winning Senior Striders team!

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