Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cam Gorman does a double whammy and wins both the mile and 5K winter handicaps in one week

Cam Gorman improved his 5K time  by 1 minute and 32 seconds to win the 5K handicap on Thursday August 22nd. Ciara Sinclair wasn't far behind though, improving by a massive 1:23. Emma Kirkland and Jack Stockeld did very well in their first 5K handicaps. Sophie Gocher was fastest girl on the night in 19:37, and Liam, Amelia and Kieren Gorman all posted excellent times. I will not mention those who did not improve - conditions were tough though!  

Cam Gorman said, before he ran, 'if I win can I have a tiny Nationals top?' Well he did win and he got one - see the picture below. So, he can wear this to support his sister Amelia, who is going to the Australian Cross country championships, and advertise our wonderful club.

Cam also won the mile handicap on the Monday of the same week due to improving by 35 seconds to run 6:12.
Cameron Gorman wins the Sydney Striders Juniors 5K handicap in a time of  20:40

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