Sunday, August 11, 2013

Junior Striders at City to Surf August 11th 2013

Apologies to any Junior Striders we have missed here - our snap-happy President and his First Lady tried to get a pic. of everyone wearing a Striders running top. We know Dan Watts also ran, as did the whole family Jagger, but not in the green and white sadly. Tony was wearing a rather obscure, limited edition Striders top, so was not spotted on the move. As far as we know none of our girls braved the hilly 14km. It was a perfect day for the run and to meet the squillions of Striders who also ran at the meeting spot above the finish afterwards for cake, nuts and fruit. 
Daniel Francken, 16, broke 50 mins. with 49:52
David Gardiner whips round the course in 52:22 before joining Gus at their school skiing camp
Angus Weber giving his all before the finish.  1:01:20
Jadon and  dad Andrew Wilson power home in 1:04 - a father and son team
Here's Ben Jagger with his broken arm. I hope Gus and David don't come back with these from skiing camp.

Caroline Yarnell, running for the first time in 9 years without son Gus, who was at camp
Will Law, aged 13, with his dad. What a nice photo.

Tony Wong (who ran 60 mins.) hobnobbing with the sub 50 minute crowd (well one), with mum and dad Francken

No caption needed really. They had a machine at the C2S expo making red T-shirts with whatever you wanted printed on them. We had 4 made for some lucky winners.

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