Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Sydney Striders Awards night at Dockside Darling Harbour and the Miranda state cross country relays

Junior Striders were busy in May. Below you can see highlights from the Annual Awards dinner at Dockside, Darling Harbour on 23rd May and from the NSW cross country relay championships at Miranda on May 31st. A record 7 juniors attended the dinner, as there were just more national and state champions meriting an award this year: so they had their own table. We also had a record number at the relays with 51 junior runners in total - only Adam Halmy needed to run twice.

Edita Grinbergs, Tessa Constantine, Josh Phillips, Locky and Daniel Cooper and Lachlan Francis at the juniors table.

Tessa Constantine, Josh Phillips, Lachlan Cooper, Sonia O'Sullivan the guest speaker, Edita Grinbergs, Lachlan Francis and Daniel Francken with their awards. 

Tessa Constantine, our 400m hurdler, gave a speech that made us all proud. Behind her are Caroline Yarnell, Sonia O'Sullivan, Josh Phillips, Lachlan Cooper, Edita Grinbergs, Lachlan Francis and Daniel Francken.

On to Miranda now. Below is our famous whiteboard. Everyone has to tick their names off when they arrive. So... if you look carefully you can see who was in which of our 13 juniors teams. With so many new members this year, this was the day for mass participation rather than a sack full of medals. We did have 2 teams win silver - the under 12 girls and the under 20 girls. Most of our teams just missed out on medals and came fourth!

The famous whiteboard
All the under 12 and under 14 runners before their 2K relay. You can't see some of them, as they are behind taller runners. They were a pretty happy bunch. Harry Prowse came out with the quote of the day: he said he'd loved everything about his day in Miranda- it had been lots of fun - except for the running.

Below are some shots from the relays. There are probably some of you not pictured here - do feel free to bring a camera and take a picture yourselves Striders parents :)

Gemima Davies securing her timing chip
Amelia Thornthwaite on first leg in the u12 girls
Evita Dixon - her first race for junior Striders in the u12 girls
Maeve Goehner in her first race for juniors Striders in the u12 girls
Cam Gorman doing his bit for the u12 boys
Matthew Hogg running well for the u12 boys
Samuel Greenland as photographed by ANSW in the u14 boys
Benji Wilson on form in the u14 boys
Tom Stokeld hands over  to Harry Prowse in the u14 boys
Alice Wensing looking very strong in the u14 girls
Our silver medal winning under 12 girls team: Ciara Sinclair, Maeve Goehner, Nicola Hogg and Emily Gocher

The 3K start. So we had Arlia Patterson, Jess Francis, Lachlan Cooper, Adam Halmy and David Gardiner here on first leg of the u18 girls, u20 girls, u16 boys, u18 boys and u20 boys teams respectively.
Another view of the 3K start
Bryn Lynch, Josh Phillips and Fraser McKinlay hanging around the changeover area
Arlia Patterson on first leg
Jess Francis hands over to Bethany Halmy in the u20 girls relay. Bethany looks insanely happy!
Back to the u16 boys. Here is Lachlan Cooper on first leg
David Gardiner having a really good run here on first leg of the 3K for the u20 boys
Kate Willis in the u18 girls
Frida Wensing running well in the u18 girls
Our very own Gus Wong takes over from David Gardiner to run second leg in the u20 boys 3K
Lachlan Cooper tags Nick Corel who is on second leg for the u16 boys
Harlan Mulherin hands over to Ben Jagger in the u18 boys 3K
Bryn Lynch hand over to Fraser McKinlay, who is running last leg in the u16 boys 3K
Daniel Francken had an excellent run for the under 18 boys team.
Bethany Halmy, Jess Francis, Hannah Rasmussen and Amelia Gorman on the podium getting their silver medals. Second out of 6 teams!!
Bethany Halmy, Jess Francis, Hannah Rasmussen and Amelia Gorman - silver medal winners

Tony Wong in the dads team on the hill in the fading sunlight
Tony Wong poised to start his 4K leg

Caroline Yarnell wastes no time waiting for Tony to come by in his race
There goes Tony Wong.........................
This has nothing to do with anything. It is Caroline Yarnell sand hill running at Palm beach. We do intend to incorporate more of this into our training in future.

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